4 Things To Know Before Joining A Yoga Class

Yoga not only has a positive effect on your body but your mind too. Anyone can practice yoga of the body type or level of flexibility. Before you go to your first yoga class, here are some things you should know.

What to wear

Yoga involves a lot of stretch-related activities. So, you need to wear something stretchable and comfortable. You will find different types of yoga pants in the market. You should not wear jeans or other types of pants that don’t stretch.

You shouldn’t wear a loose shirt or t-shirt because you need to do a lot of bending in yoga and in such case you might reveal your body parts. Wear something fitting.

Sleeveless tops are popular for yoga classes as it allows freedom of movement in the arms and shoulder areas. You can do yoga classes barefoot. Occasionally, people wear socks or shoes. Make sure that the shoes have non-slip grips.

Things to bring

You should bring your yoga mat to the yoga class. If you don’t get the time to buy one before your first class, you can rent one from the yoga centre. When buying the mat, make sure that it has good traction so that you don’t slip while doing your yoga poses.

Carrying a water bottle is a must in yoga classes. Yoga is a strenuous exercise, and you will be sweating a lot. So, you need to stay dehydrated all the time. You must bring a towel to get rid of the sweat.

Get familiarized with the common poses. You should know about the common yoga poses so that you can catch up quickly. These include the mountain pose, tree pose, bridge pose, triangle pose, chair pose, and others. These poses have specific names, and you can learn them too.

Class etiquette

You need to learn some common courtesy. You should have an open mind to learning yoga. Yoga is about focusing on your poses, so you should get rid of all the distractions. You must silence your cell phone. You should arrive at least 10 minutes before the class starts. This will give you the time to put down your yoga mat and do some warmups.

Make sure you place the mat at a distance from another person so that you don’t step on the other person’s mat or vice versa. You must respect the teacher all the time. In yoga class, you will do a final relaxation in savasana. You shouldn’t skip it and so don’t leave the class early.

You should be in the class in a positive mood. Yoga classes will teach you new poses that can help to strengthen and shape your body. Yoga also boosts mental health and overall wellbeing that is needed for a good life. So, you will feel happy and stress-free after getting out of the yoga class.